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A commitment to women-owned businesses

Access to capital remains one of the most significant barriers, and is too often the factor preventing the startup or growth of women-owned small businesses. Women-owned businesses comprise 45 percent of the small businesses we have financed in the last four years.

We are committed to providing loans to underserved small business owners, including women. As a network of non-profit lenders, we are willing to take the time to look at the story behind your business with an eye towards saying yes to your loan request.

Women-owned Small Business Facts

  • More than 9.1 million firms are owned by women, employing nearly 7.9 million people, and generating $1.4 trillion in sales as of 2014.
  • Women-owned firms (50% or more) account for 30% of all privately held firms and contribute 14% of employment and 11% of revenues.
  • On average, men start their businesses with nearly twice as much capital as women.
  • Among the most successful firms, men started their businesses with six times as much capital as women.

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