Small Business Loans to Acquire a Business

Acquire a Business

For some entrepreneurs acquiring an existing business makes more sense than starting a new business from scratch. Many times lenders have policies against providing small business loans to acquire a business because they view it just like a startup. As a non-profit lender, we take the time to look at the story behind the business you wish to buy with an eye towards saying yes to your loan request.

Money to Help Acquire a Business

  • Larger loans: from $150,000 - $4 million.
  • Longer loan terms: loan terms as high as 25 years keep your monthly payment low.
  • Lower interest rates: Prime plus 2.75%. You never pay all the interest up front and there are no hidden fees.
  • Lower down payment: down payments start as low as 20%.
  • Better Structure: Matching the term of the loan to the life of the assets being financed, ensuring debt does not exceed available cash flow.

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