Customer Stories

The Impact

  • 21 living wage jobs retained
  • Veteran-owned business
  • Minority-owned business
SBA Small Business Loan for Martinez Geospatial – Eagan, MN

Martinez Geospatial – Eagan, MN

Military veteran Anthony Martinez worked in private industry for years, but he was an entrepreneur at heart. He started his own mapping service and with his wife Guadalupe and son Stephen grew and expanded the business to provide aerial mapping, land surveying, and high definition scanning services as well as computer aided drafting/design and geographic information systems to public and private sector clients nationwide.

In order to grow sales and increase margins, the company needed to upgrade its mapping equipment. Despite weathering the recession and federal budget sequester, with only one down year, Martinez was unable to find traditional financing. Fortunately, the Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA), one of CRF’s valued partners, was helping Anthony grow his business by providing a wealth of business consulting services. MEDA referred the deal to CRF because of our willingness to dig into the story behind the numbers. We were impressed by the company’s history, management expertise and industry experience; in other words the story behind the numbers. We provided a $930,000 loan to upgrade the company’s mapping, surveying and scanning technology.