Our Philosophy

We believe in community impact. Our process proves it.


Funding hope, one loan at a time

Where does a strong and stable community begin? We believe it begins with a loan, a helping hand for small business owners who are willing to take a chance and build something bigger in their area.

With our loans, small business owners expand operations and create jobs. And from each of these efforts, our neighbors in big cities and small towns, in rural environments and low-income areas, realize a better way of life.

Neighborhoods in Need

Across the country, communities need our help. More jobs. Better services. In each of these neighborhoods, local business owners and community leaders stand ready to expand their operations, hire more employees, and start the transformation—if only they can get financing to support their projects.


Partners working together

CRF teams up with partners to deliver loans that matter. One set of partners provides us with funding. Another set of partners help generate the most impact in the community.


Loans that make a difference

We choose projects where a loan today will yield a big difference tomorrow. We focus on projects that create jobs. Loans that support low-income communities. Small businesses unable to obtain financing from traditional sources. We believe you can measure potential in more than simple numbers on a spreadsheet.


Jobs that change lives

Our loans empower the true neighborhood heroes: small business owners. With our funds, these companies hire their neighbors for full-time, stable jobs. They order new equipment, build new factories, and expand their services. They grow, prosper, and support a sizable—and local—workforce in cities and towns around the U.S.


Impact across communities

Better jobs boost entire communities. They level the playing field and give everyone—regardless of economic status—a chance to succeed. A small business loan begins with a single business, but creates a long-term ripple effect that helps revitalize disadvantaged areas.


Reinvest for tomorrow

A small business loan provides a hand up—not a handout. Our borrowers pay off their loans, and we reinvest the money in another deserving project.