Clicking on the Apply Now button above will take you to the pre-application that will screen for basic eligibility and, if eligible, will match you with a local community lender (your CDFI).

Once matched, your community lender will request the submission of a full loan application, which will ask you to provide the following documentation:

  • Most recently filed tax returns, if available and required by the lender;
  • Bank statements and/or internally generated financial statements;
  • Information regarding business owner(s) with more than 20% ownership, including name, address, SSN, EIN or ITIN, phone number, email, percentage ownership, and photo ID;
  • Executed Attestation Form (to be provided by the community lender);
  • Brief description of COVID-19 impacts on your business or organization;
  • Evidence of legal formation of business or nonprofit entity (e.g., articles of incorporation and bylaws); and
  • Personal guarantee (for businesses only)

Please note: Additional documentation may be required by the community lender at or after the time of the application in order to approve or underwrite your loan.

Once these documents are received, the community lender will conduct any credit checks and finalize the application review process. If you need support accessing the required documentation, please contact 833-ASK-SBDC or or visit the Resources Section.

Due to a limited amount of funding availability and the high volume of applications expected, it is anticipated that not all eligible applicants will be able to receive a loan. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and will be managed to support the program’s goals.  The time it takes to process an application will depend on the volume of applications received by the matched community lender. Please note that submitting an application is not an indication of eligibility and does not mean that a loan will be approved or funded.

We recommend applying as soon as possible.