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The Connect2Capital Marketplace helps our network of responsible community lenders reach small business customers in their target markets. We help get the word out about the products and services you offer through direct marketing campaigns and referral relationships with large financial institutions.

Better yet, we allow you to customize your own program parameters so that any small business inquiry you receive through the Marketplace has already been pre-qualified to meet your eligibility criteria. So far, we’ve helped more than 700 businesses in all 50 states totalling more than $170 million in financing requests.


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Value to Community Lenders

Access a new channel of pre-qualified small business customers that leverages our direct marketing campaigns and our referral partner network.

Define and adjust your own eligibility criteria over time to ensure the leads your receive are highly qualified candidates for products and services that you offer.

Lending Partners on the Platform

Platform Benefits

Become eligible to participate in referral partnerships with our network of financial institutions

Manage multiple referral channels in a single, secure portal

Get real-time alerts for loan inquiries that are matched to your product offerings

Access dashboards and reporting tools to analyze the performance of your lead sources

Track leads by source and status over time to determine your highest quality referral partners.

Create and configure any or all of your products to be offered in the Marketplace

Setting up a new product is easy. Add a product overview, manage alerts, and set up eligibility parameters. You can update parameters at any time and calibrate your products to target specific customer segments.

Customize product eligibility criteria to ensure you receive qualified leads

Set eligible ranges for loan size, credit score, industry, use of proceeds, collateral, and more. Small business financing requests will only be matched to your product offerings if they fall within the ranges that you define.

Target your product offerings to specific markets or referral partners

Use product versioning and tags to define custom criteria for your products for each referral partner or for specific geographic target markets.

Get access to socio-economic, demographic, and community impact data specific to your lead pipeline

We geotag the location of the business in order to understand the community dynamics of a potential loan. Use our third-party data integration to pull in additional indicators like poverty rate, unemployment rate, CDFI Program Investment Area, CRA Eligible Tract, and more.

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