Partner with Us to Meet the Needs of Your Small Business Customers

We partner with banks and other non-bank financial institutions to develop customized programs that meet the credit and business counseling needs of small business customers who are ineligible for traditional financing options.

The Connect2Capital Marketplace provides a streamlined process for small businesses to get matched to community lenders in our Lending Partner Network that have a demonstrated history of working with businesses who are “near miss” candidates for traditional financing.


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Value to Financial Institutions

The Connect2Capital Marketplace uses our match-making engine to connect small businesses to responsible financing options and business support services offered by our Lending Partner Network.

Our platform is fully customizable, allowing you to create your own “Marketplace” that meets your specific objectives. Start by selecting your branding preferences, target markets, and information sharing preferences.

Platform Benefits

Access to our Lending Partner Network of non-depository responsible community lenders

Access to a spectrum of financing products and small business advisory services

Efficient, streamlined, and scalable process for managing referral relationships

Fully customizable branding options

Online and in-person support and training for bank branch staff and business banking representatives

Get detailed reporting on referral activity in your Community Reinvestment Act Assessment Area

Dashboard and reporting suite to track referrals and outcomes

Our reporting tools allow you to track outcomes for multiple referral partners and enable performance benchmarking. We also provide access to third party data to help you demonstrate community impact and meet your compliance reporting requirements.

Pipeline development for maturing businesses

Monitor the growth and maturity of small business customers over time. We work with small businesses to strengthen credit quality and build capacity so that they can become candidates for your traditional financing products in the future.

Community Reinvestment Act-aligned investment opportunities

Configure your Community Reinvestment Act Assessment Area by adding eligible states, MSAs, and/or counties. We work with our referral partners to develop and identify a pipeline of investment opportunities that are aligned to your community impact objectives.

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