Nevada SSBCI Microloan Program

What We Do

The microloan program provides simple and affordable loans, up to $250k, to small businesses across Nevada. Applicants will be matched with lenders who meet their needs and who are able to serve their small businesses. Additionally, business support organizations will be available to assist with credit counseling, financial statements, general business guidance, and many other requested services.

Who It's For

The program is open to all Nevadan small businesses. Credit and eligibility restrictions will apply. However, the pre-application is no cost and no obligation for all entrepreneurs to register their interest in receiving a loan from the program.

How it Works

The program’s platform matches borrowers with Nevadan lenders offering loans of up to $250k. The program works with mission-driven lenders across Nevada, called community development financial institutions (CDFIs), to aid small businesses. We will have lenders who serve all types of businesses in all corners of the state. Business owners will fill out the simple pre-application form, match with a provider, and work directly with that organization to assess loan readiness and creditworthiness.

How to Apply

Once the program is ready for launch this fall, applications will be available through an online portal. Interested business owners will also be able to register their interest using the form below and be the first to hear about the program once it officially launches.

Stay Informed

Be the first to hear about the program once it officially launches this fall.