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Public Votes to Select Winner of Twin Cities Boost Small Business Contest

The public will choose one of 12 Twin Cities semi-finalists to win $3,000 for their small business in the Boost Small Business contest.

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Entrepreneurs can win $3,000 in the BOOST Small Business Contest

Looking for a Twin Cities-based small business that is making a lasting impact on its employees, customers and neighbors.

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CRF, USA launches online small business lending platform in the Twin Cities

An affordable, responsible alternative to high-priced online lenders

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  • Refinancing Small Business Debt

    by Connect2Capital Team | Jan 05, 2017
    Refinancing or consolidating existing business loans is a great way to make your loan payments more affordable and increase your business’ cash flow.
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  • Military Veterans and Small Business Financing

    by Connect2Capital Team | Nov 02, 2016
    Are you a veteran small business owner looking for financing? Are you struggling to find it? If you answered yes to either, you are not alone.
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  • How to Get Your Business Plan Loan Application Ready

    by Connect2Capital Team | Sep 08, 2016
    When applying for financing, your business plan is your best friend. Though especially important for start-ups, businesses at every stage should have a road map indicating where they’re heading. It is your chance to prove, in writing, that you know your business inside and out.
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  • Access to Capital: The Gender Funding Gap

    by Maddie Larson | Jun 10, 2016
    As a successful female entrepreneur, you may have to fight harder than your male counterparts to start and grow your business. You know the playing field isn’t always level. In fact, while women are starting more businesses than the national average (74% vs. 51%), they are starting their businesses with half as much capital as men.
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