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To Refinance or Not to Refinance?

Debt is useful when you want to grow your business or replace an outdated piece of equipment but when it has a very high interest rate or unfair terms, it can quickly do more harm than good for your business.

If you have debt that has become more harmful than helpful than this is the webinar for you!

You will learn:

  • What you need to know when refinancing
  • How to identify the right financing for you
  • How to avoid “bad” debt in the future.
“Making the payments on the short-term debt that I incurred…was suffocating my company’s monthly cash flow. However, I was able to refinance my debt to affordable payment levels with Connect2Capital”
– Tom Baggot, Owner, Legacy Academy

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Maddie Larson is Connect2Capital’s Customer Success Representative. She is a passionate advocate for small businesses and helping them find the right financing solution. Having reviewed hundreds of applications and business plans, she knows what lenders want to see and what makes a business plan shine.