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Writing a Business Plan From a Lender's Perspective

A good business plan is crucial to any business, no matter what stage you are at. If you are applying for financing, a solid roadmap becomes especially important as it is the best way for a lender to get a feel for you and your business.

You will learn:

  • what every business plan should include
  • how to make your business plan stand out when requesting financing
  • where to find information on market analysis, writing financial projections, and more!

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Maddie Larson is Connect2Capital’s Customer Success Representative. She is a passionate advocate for small businesses and helping them find the right financing solution. Having reviewed hundreds of applications and business plans, she knows what lenders want to see and what makes a business plan shine.

Jennifer Ericson, Regional Director of Business Development at Community Reinvestment Fund, USA, is dedicated to forging strong relationships with small businesses and the resources who serve them. She brings extensive knowledge of how the lending process works and as well as how small business can best prepare for their financing requests.

Mike Ryan, Director of the Small Business Development Center-University of St. Thomas will be joining Connect2Capital and will be available for questions during the Q&A portion.