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Your Small Business Financing Options

Capital is crucial to any business, no matter what stage or size, but not every type of financing works for every business. Find out which works best for you!

You will learn:

  • What your options are for types of financing and the different organizations who provide them
  • What to keep in mind when applying for financing
  • What the pros and cons are of each type of financing.

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Maddie Larson is Connect2Capital’s Customer Success Representative. She is a passionate advocate for small businesses and helping them find the right financing solution. Having reviewed hundreds of applications and business plans, she knows what lenders want to see and what makes a business plan shine.

Cathy Sedacca, Director of Sales & Marketing, Sage Business Credit. Cathy Sedacca partnered with Karen Turnquist to found Sage Business Credit in 2013. Like a true entrepreneur, Cathy believed they could do what had been done by others, but better. Working with clients who share the same vision for their business is the best part of her job as director of sales and marketing. Relying on more than 20 years of creative financing and business coaching experience, Cathy helps provide financing and insights that allow clients to jumpstart the pursuit of their dreams.

Jason Burak, Senior Loan Officer, WomenVenture. His role includes initial loan consultations, application review, underwriting, and recommending loans to one of our loan committees. Prior to WomenVenture, he provided financial, credit, and housing counseling on a national level including teaching a class in men’s prisons.  And prior to that, he was a banker for many years.

Jennifer Ericson, Regional Director of Business Development at Community Reinvestment Fund, USA, is dedicated to forging strong relationships with small businesses and the resources who serve them. She brings extensive knowledge of how the lending process works and as well as how small business can best prepare for their financing requests.