Customer Stories

A successful and charismatic entrepreneur, Gloria Freeman believes that “we all have the right to a fulfilling life – to be happy, whole, and accomplished individuals.”
Credit card debt negatively impacted their ability to obtain credit leaving them unable to be approved by traditional lenders.
Because of CRF I was able to build the world’s first Dojym (martial art and 24-hour gym studio) and bring strength and happiness to my community.
They were turned down by seven banks because they weren’t comfortable financing a loan in the dog care industry, the business was a start-up and they didn’t have enough collateral.
This business needed to consolidate its debt by re-financing 8 loans, but was unable to obtain bank financing due to the three years of losses.
Because they were a startup, they were turned down by a number of banks who said they don’t finance “mom and pop startup restaurants.”
A disabled Desert Storm veteran was optimistic that his hard work had paid off as he prepared to open his Harley Davidson repair shop.