Customer Stories

They wanted to cut costs by reducing their monthly payments on an equipment lease and other business-related debt so they began to seek out long-term refinancing options.
Credit card debt negatively impacted their ability to obtain credit leaving them unable to be approved by traditional lenders.
Because of CRF I was able to build the world’s first Dojym (martial art and 24-hour gym studio) and bring strength and happiness to my community.
A successful African-American entrepreneur who started a management consulting firm within the manufacturing/energy industry was looking to grow and diversify his business.
This business needed to consolidate its debt by re-financing 8 loans, but was unable to obtain bank financing due to the three years of losses.
Military veteran Anthony Martinez worked in private industry for years, but he was an entrepreneur at heart.
Although MNStar survived the recession and numbers were trending upward, they were unable to get financing to hire additional workers and expand the facility when they had the opportunity to take on more contracts.
A successful and charismatic entrepreneur, Gloria Freeman believes that “we all have the right to a fulfilling life – to be happy, whole, and accomplished individuals.”
Hilaire Moussougan immigrated to the United States from West Africa in 1998. As an employee of local auto shops, he honed his skills and worked his way up to lead technician.
A disabled Desert Storm veteran was optimistic that his hard work had paid off as he prepared to open his Harley Davidson repair shop.
Because they were a startup, they were turned down by a number of banks who said they don’t finance “mom and pop startup restaurants.”
They were turned down by seven banks because they weren’t comfortable financing a loan in the dog care industry, the business was a start-up and they didn’t have enough collateral.