Our Philosophy

For small businesses, communities, the greater good

People Over Profit

We put people over profit, to do what’s best for small business owners — for a better way of life, for the greater good.

You’re driven to build and grow your business. So is Connect2Capital. Our reason for being is to help small business owners realize their dreams—affordably and responsibly—and give the community inspiration and hope for the future.

A financial standout

Connect2Capital was created to address inequality by bringing new financial solutions to the table. Connect2Capital is an innovative network that empowers people and builds sustainable communities by bringing small business owners together with mission-driven lenders and traditional financial institutions for the first time, in a first-of-its-kind lending platform. 

Loans that matter 

It’s our belief that an investment in you today will make a big difference tomorrow. Though a small business loan begins with a single business, it creates a long-term ripple effect that helps revitalize entire communities. After all, with business growth comes jobs and a community that thrives—and that’s good for everyone.