The perfect loan for their small business is out there

Let’s help them find it, together​

Small business loans help small business owners grow their passion. And while not everyone qualifies for funding from traditional lenders, together, as partners, we can help people get closer to their goals—by connecting them to responsible alternative funding needed to grow and thrive.

Become a partner of Connect2Capital—the first online network of community development financial institutions (CDFIs) and financial institutions, driven to fuel small business dreams and communities.

Together, we can level the playing field for small business owners around the country, providing them with an opportunity to grow their business and make a big impact on their community—a win-win for everyone.

Mission-driven Community Lenders

Join us in helping small businesses secure responsible funding while fulfilling your mission to give diverse businesses and communities the opportunity to grow. Learn more about joining the C2C network.

Traditional Financial Institutions

Looking for a solution for business owners who don’t qualify for one of your products? Offer a responsible hand up with a referral to our first-of-its-kind network—you’ll help strengthen your reputation among small businesses and plant the seed for future revenue. Learn more about referring to our network