Small Business Loans

Fueling big dreams with small business loans

Perhaps you need capital to purchase equipment or inventory, or you’re challenged with meeting payroll each month or keeping up with customer demand. Maybe you’re looking at building out your space or purchasing real estate to expand your footprint. Call them “commercial business loans” or “term loans”—small business loans can provide lump-sum financing to help you grow, sustain or expand your small business.

Connect with the funds you need—without hassle or delay

Connect2Capital can help match you with trustworthy, mission-driven lenders who share your passion for helping businesses and communities thrive. Our lenders will be transparent and upfront about any fees and interest rates, and will never trap you in complex, predatory loans. You can look forward to affordable rates, fast funding, and longer terms for lower, more comfortable payments.

There’s no better way to position you for business and financial success—whatever your needs may be.

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Small Business Loans for Every Person and Need

Small Business Loans for Women

Say goodbye to one of the most important barriers to women-owned businesses—access to capital.

Small Business Loans for People of Color

The establishment, expansion and growth of your business depends on securing capital—that’s where you can count on us.

Small Business Loans for Veterans

You served our country—now let us honor your service with affordable funding for your American business dream.

Grow Your Business

Whether you want to refinance existing debt, hire new employees or free up cash to expand, cash in hand can be within easy reach.

Start a New Business

Need money to get your business up and running—for the long term? Look to us to help back you up.

Refinance Debt

Tired of high-interest debt? Get welcome relief with lower/no fees and fair monthly payments to strengthen your business.

Acquire a Business

Your acquisition brings new ownership—and value—to the community. Count on us to support your new endeavor.

Purchase Equipment

You need machinery or equipment to get your product or service out. Funding can be just days away—whatever your line of business.

Working Capital

Leave the financial stress of day-to-day operations behind—focus on your core business instead, with permanent working capital loans.

Purchase Real Estate

Building out? Opening a new location? Expand your footprint with funding to purchase owner-occupied commercial property.

Not all small business loans are created equal

When looking for small business financing, you need to know your options. Small business loans can take on many forms, including short-term and business term loans, business lines of credit, equipment loans, microloans, invoice factoring, merchant cash advance, business credit card and startup loans. Small Business Administration (SBA) loans are also a good option for small businesses that can’t access conventional financing.

Yet, with these options come roadblocks. Lack of collateral or equity in the business, a low credit score, the type of business and size of loan can all be cause for “declined” by traditional lenders. Even the paperwork can be formidable, and turnaround times for funding can be long.

Compare that to small business loans by mission-driven lenders—private institutions dedicated to bringing responsible, affordable lending to all communities. Typically, these are flexible loans for all kinds of small business needs—from supplying working capital for the day-to-day, to funding for equipment and real estate. They’re not only good for business, they’re also good for our communities.

Small business loans that support businesses and communities

Connect2Capital understands that neighborhoods and community leaders stand ready to support small business owners and help expand their operations and hire more employees—if only they could get financing to support their projects. Enter Connect2Capital.

As a long-time, non-profit lender, Connect2Capital provides small business loans with a purpose—loans that matter. Connect2Capital has a network of dozens of mission-driven lenders, supported hundreds of small businesses nationwide, and provided millions of dollars in small business financing.* Those numbers continue to grow as we expand our partner network of lenders and referral partners, including banks and financial institutions.

Empowering small business owners

Connect2Capital believes that a small business loan begins with a single business, but creates a long-term ripple effect that helps revitalize areas. Small business loans empower small business owners. With these funds, they hire their neighbors for full-time, stable jobs. They order new equipment, build new factories, and expand their services. They grow, prosper, and support a sizable—and local—workforce in cities and towns across the U.S.

Connect2Capital is driven to ethically and responsibly improve our community—not generate profits by charging irresponsible rates and fees. We take the time to find the story behind your business, your passion, and reason for being. We look to connect you with lenders who share your passion. Even if you’re not yet qualified for a loan, we’re here for you. We’ll connect you with resources that can help make you credit worthy and financially savvy—setting the stage for “approved” at a later date.

Connect2Capital is the first online network of its kind to bring mission-driven lenders and referral partners including banks and financial institutions, together to help small businesses find the funding they need to flourish today and tomorrow.

*Connect2Capital is powered by Community Reinvestment Fund, USA (CRF), a national non-profit organization with a mission to empower people to improve their lives and strengthen their communities through innovative financial solutions. A leading Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), CRF supports mission-driven organizations, increases economic mobility, and builds strong local economies through the development of solutions aimed at creating an equitable financial system. CRF has injected more than $2.4 billion to stimulate job creation and economic development and support community facilities.