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Strengthen your reputation, retention and long-term revenue

You’re in the business of lending money to qualified borrowers, or educating them to become more financially savvy. But what about those small businesses that don’t qualify for your financing products? Are they lost opportunities? Thanks to Connect2Capital, they represent a wealth of opportunities for your organization, both today and tomorrow.

The pay-off to you

Connect2Capital is the first-ever, single online network that brings together mission-driven CDFI lenders and financial institutions, to help small business owners grow their business and boost their communities. For those small businesses who don’t qualify with your organization, you have a trustworthy venue in which to refer them. These “almost-there” applicants get a second look by mission-driven lenders in our network—partners focused on small business success, education, and community growth.

Are these lenders competitive with your business? The answer is a resounding “no,” as they’re non-depository lenders. In fact, by referring these small businesses to our CDFI lender network, you build goodwill, as well as a solid reputation among these businesses. You also plant the seed for future revenue as businesses supported in non-traditional ways often return to the original lender for other banking or financing products.

What can you expect as a Connect2Capital referral partner?

  • Community Reinvestment Act-aligned investment opportunities
  • Full access to our network of responsible non-depository community lenders
  • Referrals to your institution for other depository services and products
  • Get credit with your regulator for referring unqualified leads
  • Receive online and in-person training for bank/organization representatives
  • Manage referral relationships
  • Monitor pipeline development for maturing businesses.

Join us today—let’s help your clients get funded

Bottom line: Connect2Capital provides an alternative, trustworthy resource for your unqualified small business applicants—and that can go a long way in helping to strengthen your reputation and long-term revenue.

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