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Commonly Asked Questions About Our Uncommon Lending Solutions

Borrowing money can bring up so many questions—especially from a revolutionary lending platform like Connect2Capital. The good news is, we’ve got answers. If you don’t see them here, please reach out to get your questions answered. We’re all about giving you the information you need to get funded, so here goes!

Connect2Capital was created to address inequality by bringing new financial solutions to the table. We’re a first-of-its kind online network that empowers people and builds sustainable communities by bringing small business owners together with mission-driven lenders and traditional financial institutions for the first time, in an innovative lending platform.
We partner with lenders nationwide, and help small businesses find funding in all 50 states.

We’re on a mission to help small businesses with a passion to grow their business and community. Whether your business is a coffee shop, doggie day care or manufacturing plant—whether you’re veteran-owned, minority or woman-owned—we look forward to working with you. Type of business loans

Loans range from $500 to $5 million. The amount depends on a variety of factors that we can work with you to help determine.
The first step is to see if we can match you with a lender. This means answering a few questions about your business and sharing some financial information. It costs absolutely nothing to apply. It’s fast and easy, and won’t affect your credit score.
Connect2Capital will match you with a lender that meets your financing needs, and connect you with the right resources to help you take the next step. We have a variety of consulting and support services available for small business owners seeking financing.
The Connect2Capital lending partner network offers dozens of different loan types to fit every small business financing need. Our online application helps us learn about your business needs when considering which loans to show you.
Connect2Capital puts a team of trusted experts at your service to guide you through the application, underwriting and closing phases of your loan. We’ll also help make sure your application is complete and delivered in a timely manner.
While having collateral can strengthen your application, it may not prevent you from getting a loan. Many smaller loans do not require collateral, and existing businesses with positive cash flow may also be eligible for a loan without collateral.
Different loan types have varying credit requirements depending on the term length, amount and other factors. Even if your credit isn’t perfect, lenders want to see that you are current on all your debt and that any derogatories are several years old.
Depending on the lender, you can expect to receive your funds anywhere from 30 days to three months. Typically, commercial bank and SBA loans take longer than other types of loans.

Just like small business loans from traditional lenders, small business loans from a C2C partner can be used for a variety of things, including:

  • Owner-occupied commercial real estate and leasehold improvements,
  • business equipment,
  • refinancing existing debt,
  • buying or starting a business,
  • and permanent working capital.
We believe that the perfect loan is out there for you. We’ll take the time to hear your story and look beyond your numbers. Often, we’re able to say “yes” when traditional funding sources can’t.
No worries. We’ll connect you with partners who will help with everything from rebuilding your credit health, and writing a business plan, to creating financial projects—so you can qualify for traditional lending products in the future.
Predatory lenders are online lenders who charge exceptionally high rates and fees. In fact, their loans are so expensive that a business simply can’t keep up with the payments, which often results in a downward spiral of continuous, unmanageable debt.
Our online loan process is highly secure—we go above and beyond to protect your sensitive information. We use TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) in SQL (Structured Query Language), which means the data is encrypted at rest. We also encrypt the data between the app server and the database and use TLS (Transport Layer Security), which protects communications on the Internet, for our form submissions. You can also rest easy knowing we won’t sell any of your information.
Depending on what is being financed, loan terms can be as long as 25 years.

Interest rates vary depending on the lender and type of loan. Most Connect2Capital lending partners have signed onto the Small Business Borrower Bill of Rights, committing to make credit more accessible and responsible for all. Our lenders are Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), driven to deliver fair, responsible, and affordable lending solutions to help diverse businesses and communities join the economic mainstream.

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