November Connect2Capital Partner Update

Each month the Connect2Capital team will be sharing some things we’re excited about, provide tips to help partner organizations get the most out of C2C, and gather feedback to help us make the platform better! We’ll provide a look into C2C’s performance, along with shallow, medium, and deep dives into Connect2Capital’s functionality and share stories of small business and community successes enabled by the platform.

We hope you find these posts relevant and helpful, and we would love any feedback on what resonates with you.

October Connect2Capital Performance

November Medium Dive — Changes to our Product Editor

We are redesigning our Product Editor on the platform! You will see the available filters are now listed in a scrollable list on the right. If you are not going to use them to filter (for instance, you’re not screening for profitability) you will leave it out of your filters. This way you’ll know what variables you are filtering for and can easily understand why and how applicants are matching to your products. This approach will also allow us to add new filters over time so you have more options to ensure you’re targeting the right customer profile. 



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Webinar: Writing a Business Plan

If you are applying for financing, a solid roadmap becomes especially important as it is the best way for a lender to get a feel for you and your business.