Get Help Applying for a Small Business Loan

A complete series of guides to understanding your business finances, reducing expenses, maximizing cash flow, and getting approved for a small business loan.

Why Was My SBA Loan Denied and What Can I Do About it?

Have you been denied a small business loan by the SBA? We’ll help you figure out why you might have been disqualified, let you know how to strengthen your chances, and suggest some alternative options.

What Happens if You Default on an SBA Loan? Your Questions, Answered

You have options for dealing with a delinquent or defaulted SBA loan. Here’s how to find out what situation you’re in, and what you can do about it.

What is the Debt-to-Income Ratio for Small Business Loans?

Learn all about the debt-to-Income ratio including why it’s important, how it’s used, and how to optimize yours for a small business loan.

Need a Business Line of Credit? Here are the Requirements to Get One

What is a business line of credit and how do they work? Here are the requirements to apply for a business line of credit loan.

Business vs. Personal Credit: Everything You Need to Know

Here’s what to know about business vs personal credit, and how both can impact your ability to secure future funding.

The Working Capital Cycle, Explained

Learn what the working capital cycle is, how to calculate it, and actions you can take to speed it up. Release your business finances more quickly to help your business expand and grow.

How to Transfer Your LLC Business Ownership to Someone Else

Discover the steps you need to go through to transfer ownership of your LLC, whether you’re just transferring part of your business or selling it as a whole.

Small Business Loans: Secured vs Unsecured

Learn about the differences between secured and unsecured small business loans, and which type is best for your needs.

Small Business Loan Terms, Explained

Learn how your small business can get a loan even if you don’t have collateral or assets that you can offer a lender. We break down your options for taking out an unsecured small business loan.