Tips To Expand Into a New Market

There are many reasons a small business may consider expanding into a new market. For example, you may have been in business for many years and feel the need to grow with customers. Or you may just be getting started and need to reach new markets. Whatever the reason, it takes a lot of planning. Continue reading for tips to help you prepare. 

Scope Out the Competition 

It’s essential to scope out the competition. Look at your competitors’ performance. How can you improve upon their successes? What are their weaknesses? 

Be honest with yourself about this process. You might be surprised by some of the things you find! For example, many businesses in your industry may have terrible websites and customer service standards, but high-quality products that keep customers coming back for more.  

If this is true for your competitors’ businesses, then it would probably be worthwhile for your company to focus on improving its product line to stand out from the crowd. 

Establish a Realistic Budget 

Establishing a realistic budget for moving into a new market is essential. You need to be careful not to spend too much or underspend and come up short. A good rule of thumb is to plan out how much each product or service will cost based on your existing costs and then tweak your proposed price accordingly. Do some research on where you plan on selling your product or services, and make sure that it is reasonable for customers there, too! 

Make a Marketing Plan  

Before expanding your business into a new market, you still need to do a few things. If you haven’t done them yet, now’s the time! First and foremost, it’s vital to get your marketing plan in order. You will need to know what kind of information your target market needs and how they like to receive it. 

A good marketing strategy is essential regardless of whether or not you’re planning on opening a physical location, but it’s especially crucial when expanding into new territory. First, you need to know your target audience and what’s important to them to tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. 

Familiarize yourself with the demographics of the new group of customers so that you know who they are and what they want from your company. Doing so will help ensure that the message being conveyed by your company is consistent across all channels, including social media and traditional advertising outlets like print ads or billboards (although these may not be appropriate for every industry).  

Know where your customers will be looking for businesses like yours — and get there first!  

Chose a Good Location 

A good location is the key to success. So you want to ensure that your business is in a good spot with good access for your customers. For example, if you’re opening a restaurant, you want to consider opening near other restaurants and well-known landmarks like museums and parks. Doing so will draw more business into your area and ensure that people know where they can find you if they need to eat out while visiting your area. 

If this isn’t an option for whatever reason, then reach out using social media platforms such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist marketplace, allowing users from around the globe to access photos and information about products or services. 

You also want to ensure that your business area isn’t too crowded or busy, which could deter potential customers from visiting. They may feel overwhelmed by the activity and simply not come at all! 

Train Your Employees Well 

If you have staff, they must be well-trained. Whether hiring a new employee or transferring an existing one to a new position or location, they must know what they are doing. While there are many ways you can train your employees, some of the best include: 

  • Practicing on real people (i.e., customers) instead of in theory 
  • Doing role-playing exercises with other team members in relevant situations 
  • Giving them access to online resources so they can research anything they don’t understand about their job at any time 

Offer Your Customers What They Want 

The goal of any business is to satisfy customers and make a profit. To accomplish that,  you must provide them with what they want, when they want it, and at the best possible price. In addition, for your company to succeed in new markets, you must offer consumers what they expect from your industry’s top brands — and then exceed their expectations. 

Connect2Capital Helps Businesses Grow and Thrive 

Small business expansion can be complex, but it’s worth the effort if it helps your business grow. Hopefully, these tips will help you if and when planning to expand into a new market.  

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Disclaimer:  the information provided on this page is meant for general informational purposes only and may not reflect the most current resources and recommendations available. Please consult with your financial, tax, legal, and other relevant advisors when making decisions about your small business.