Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

As a small business owner, you know that you might need extra hands-on deck during the winter holiday season, the summer months, or whenever you have your “peak” season.” But the seasonal hiring process can be daunting. This blog can help! Check out our tips for hiring seasonal employees.

Things to Consider When Reopening After COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over, but many small non-essential businesses that were shuttered during lockdowns are still finding the process of reopening a daunting task.

How to Design and Effective Logo for your Small Business

Maximize your brand outreach by creating a unique logo for your small business. Your logo can set your business apart from competitors and represent your brand. See this guide for tips to consider when creating a logo for your business.

Are Loan Repayments Killing Your Profit Margins?

Many small businesses borrow money to grow, helping them develop products and services while expanding into new marketplaces. This initial cash injection will really help you get up and running, but it’s also important to think about the ongoing cost of your loan repayments.

Fatherhood and Business: Lessons for Dads and Kids

Running your business and raising your kids are two of the most important things a father can do. We’ve shared some of the main lessons you can use to be great at both of them.

How To Get a Business Loan as an LLC

Maximize the chances for your LLC to get a loan with our guide to understanding lender requirements, financial reports, and business documents.

Tips On How to Buy Out a Business Partner

Learn the steps you should follow to buy out your business partner in a way that’s fair to everybody.

Ways Small Businesses Can Keep Overhead Costs Down

A healthy profit is essential to creating a strong foundation for growth and building up your small business. Focusing on your profit margin ensures you’re making enough money to keep the lights on, pay yourself, and expand your products and services.

How Does My Small Business Prepare for Tax Season?

Learn how gather up your paperwork, double-check your information, and get on top of your bookkeeping. We’ll explore any questions you might have to ensure you’re prepared.

What Are the Main Differences Between S Corporations and C Corporations?

Learn how to apply for a small business loan using just an EIN. Find out how to get an EIN, register with credit agencies, boost business credit scores, and your loan options.